Chronic GI Issues, Joint Pain, & Autoimmunity
Eczema in Children
Allergies during Pregnancy
Chron’s Disease
Food Sensitivities
Mood Disorders
Weight Loss
High Cholesterol
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) & Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)
Physical Therapy

Chronic GI Issues, Joint Pain,  & Autoimmunity

“When I was 10 years old I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. I was so young my family and I did not know how to deal with this new diagnosis. We did not know that there were other options for treating my disease.  At the time is it was so severe that we followed the doctor’s orders and I was put on large dosages of prednisone.  Once the worst of the symptoms subsided, I was told that I would have to be on Azothioprine for the rest of my life as a maintenance medicine. Being so young at the time, I did not like the way that this drug made me feel so without telling my parents I slowly stopped taking that drug. Luckily my ulcerative colitis went into remission even without that drug and stayed in remission for many years after that.  For a while, we thought that I might have been a misdiagnosis.

Then when I was 19 I had another flare out of the blue. We went back to the western doctors and all of the doctors just wanted me to go on Humira.  We did not want to go on any of the drugs due to the side effects. We wanted to treat this disease holistically. We wanted to treat the cause of this autoimmune disease and not just mask the symptoms.  My mom and I did a lot of research on the best way to attack my disease. We went to East-West Wellness and Donna because of her unique approach between eastern and western medicine.

Donna did extensive testing on me. Through that testing, I learned the foods that were contributing to my illness. Donna designed a diet for me to help eliminate the foods that were causing me problems. I learned how to eat this way while still be able to enjoy food and my life. Donna also gave me a mixture of Chinese herbs in tea form which worked almost like a miracle when I had a flare.  As I slowly regained my health she showed me ways to deal with my stress through acupuncture and meditation.  Stress is a very big contributor to my illness so now that I am more aware I can work on stopping my stressed out thinking before it shows up physically.

I know I will have to continue to stick to this new lifestyle for the rest of my life in order to stay healthy.  To me, this is a far better alternative than being on drugs for the rest of my life.  Today I feel very healthy and strong and I know what to do when my body feels like a flare may be happening. I am a normal active 21-year-old.  I just eat more healthfully than most 21 year-olds I know.

I am forever grateful to Donna and her holistic approach to managing autoimmune issues.”  Nick B

“Today is the first day of a challenge I’m taking called Live Below the Line, where I live on $1.50 per day for my food and drinks for 5 days to bring awareness to extreme poverty. I felt compelled to write my thoughts today and didn’t quite know where they would lead me. They led me to you in many ways, so I thought I’d share this with you, as well. I will be eternally grateful to you for helping my dear boy heal!

As I start on Day 1 of my ‪#‎BelowTheLine‬ challenge, I am fully humbled and brought to tears coming to terms with so many realities. I am the only one in my family going through this challenge. I have a choice and made a conscious decision to not put my boys through this challenge, and I know that is a choice none of the mothers we work with would ever have. As I write this, I am watching my dear son sleep. My son has been very ill over this past year, we have been to specialist after specialist, drove hundreds of miles back and forth to the Children’s Hospital, and yet, no specialist, no test was able to give us answers and no medicine was able to help him heal. In fact, the very medicine’s given to him were actually making him sick. It was only after finding an East-West practitioner, Donna (I’m fairly certain our angel, Donna/Mom/Oma had a little guidance in this), who uses western medicine to diagnose and eastern medicine to treat, that Logan began to get better. Logan’s healing has come not from any medicine, but from his food. We have fully been living the mantra “Let thy Food be thy Medicine, and thy Medicine be thy Food.” He eats only organic, non-GMO, non-processed foods that we make every day. So much of my life over these past 5 months have been spent at grocery stores and in the kitchen; and a huge portion of our income goes to food every month now. Once again, I am brought to my knees realizing if I was truly living this challenge in Uganda, if living below the line was MY reality, my baby would not be okay. He would be in constant pain, he would continue to lose weight and be gravely ill and missing school, and I am not certain he would even be able to survive. “Let thy Food be thy Medicine, and thy Medicine be thy Food” is just NOT possible on $1.50 a day. Won’t you please join me in my efforts to bring awareness to this reality for so many mothers around the world, for the 1.2 billion people living below the line?” Heather D.

Visit www.livebelowtheline.com for more information.


Eczema in Children

“I found Donna during my daughter’s health crisis.  She was 4 ½ years old and suffering from terrible eczema. When I say terrible, I mean 40+nights of endless itching, discomfort and bloody sheets in the morning.  Western doctors (pediatricians, dermatologists, and allergists) had handed us steroid creams which I didn’t like and were not working. Her body was at war with itself and her immunity in deep overload.  She was scratching and begging me ‘why can’t you make it stop?’

One morning she could not go to school because her swollen feet would not fit into her shoes.  I set off on a path to find an ‘alternative’ solution.

When I found Donna, I was very hesitant.  She was not close and did not seem to specialize in kids.  Neither mattered because very quickly we had a plan and had results. Donna listened closely, was deeply knowledgeable about the body and instantly had the TWO of us to manage (I was a wreck as you might imagine).  We quickly completed several tests (multiple blood test, stool analysis, DNA swabs, etc) to eliminate celiac and leaky gut and operate from FACTS and get the root of the problem.  This is the brilliance of choosing Donna versus a nutritionist/dietician who would have made sweeping changes without facts unique to Catherine.

She was gluten, dairy and soy intolerant and allergic to some tree nuts, not others.  Donna patiently started us on the LEAP diet, removing all the offensive foods and systematically establishing which foods to allow back in based on Catherine’s unique reactivity to each food.  She offered recipes and a very specific plan. We kept a meticulous food journal to look for certain combinations that might set her off.  We studied all the products we were using in the house (soaps, detergents, toothpaste, etc.) to make sure they were natural and non-offensive.  Moving her from detox to cellular repair, Donna introduced all the right natural supplements to balance her system (black current oil, vitamin D, probiotics, omega 3-6-9, etc.) I think we were up to 9 supplements a day.

After roughly three months on the new eating/supplement regimen, Catherine was thriving.  She entered kindergarten in a public school and DID NOT MISS A DAY all year.  Her immune system was strong and fought every bug that surrounded her!

It was an exhaustive, emotional and painful process to make so many changes but we were in crisis.  I could not have done this without Donna.  The crisis is over yet we still live with the advice and counsel of Donna every minute of every day.  I am THRILLED to have found Donna, proud to call her our doctor, and highly recommend her services to anyone.” Maria


Allergies During Pregnancy

“I have always believed in alternative medicine and knew that it worked! When I became pregnant in 2012, I had already known Donna for 2 years, I was having some minor issues when I was pregnant. I was itchy all the time, I would scratch my back, legs, and arms all day long, and I had this red rash on my stomach, I had that rash for some time, but it became more apparent once I was pregnant. I spoke with Donna about what it could be, she said food allergies, I was a little taken back because I had never been allergic to anything before, at least that is what I thought. Long story short, Donna did some blood work on me and come to find out there were a few things that I was allergic to that I was implementing into my diet each day. Once I became aware of that I was able to cut those things out of my diet, the rash went away and I was NOT itchy anymore! She also helped me create a solid eating plan for an on-the-go woman while I was pregnant. Once I had my little one, Donna taught me tui na which is a back massage technique from Chinese medicine that helped align my babies organs and help her sleep through the night. At 2 months old, our daughter was sleeping solidly through the night! That made 2 VERY happy parents. I would recommend Donna Sigmond to anyone needing help with health and wellness! Thank you, Donna!Amber, Thornton, CO 



“I want to sincerely thank Donna for being present and listening to what I was experiencing, then guiding me step by step through this amazing process personally designed for my body and whole health. I truly have been transformed. I knew something was wrong with my body even though my doctor wanted me to believe I was okay because my thyroid, hormone, auto-immune, cholesterol and blood sugar screens were in the ‘normal range.’ She sent me to rehab for peroneal tendonitis and plantar fasciitis never addressing or offering any explanation as to why I was exercising, eating healthy, and not losing weight but gaining and experiencing extremely low energy levels as well as rapid blood sugar drops and widespread pain in my muscles and joints. I remember when Donna began to list the possible causes for these symptoms I could not help but cry. Finally, someone was listening to me and validating me. I knew something was wrong with my body but nobody had been listening. She quickly explained how Western tests are interpreted then treated, followed with an explanation of how taking a functional approach to the test results will lead to the root cause of the symptoms whereby a natural solution can be derived. I must say my hope and faith were restored when the new blood work was ordered, especially the test for determining what foods were causing my immune system to react came back confirming all of your suspicions as to what was going on with me functionally. It has been an exciting adventure of learning to love myself and my body again at 46. I can’t thank her enough for giving me the tools and the ability to identify physically and emotionally what I need to feel empowered and function at my greatest potential in this beautiful body I thought was gone forever! You are an angel! I will forever hold her dear and honor her with the greatest respect and with all the love she deserves!” Hailey, Louisville, CO


Crohn’s Disease

“I was 20 years old when I was first diagnosed with Crohn’s. I can remember the doctor telling me that there was no cure for it and that I would be on medication for the rest of my life. As a college athlete, I was accustomed to being in top physical shape but I could not exercise for more than 10 minutes without feeling fatigued and achy. My weight plummeted from 185 to 145 in a matter of months but no one seemed to know what was causing this nor did they seem to care. They wanted to treat my symptoms and mask the cause. I tried the conventional route for a few months but quickly found out that the side effects of the medication were almost as bad as the disease itself. I struggled for 7 yrs looking for natural ways to heal my gut. I would find fleeting success with some naturalists and homeopathic doctors but nothing stuck with me for more than a few months. I was stuck in a cycle, trying to reduce inflammation in my gut by taking supplements but not knowing what was causing the inflammation to begin with. I resigned myself to the fact that I would probably battle this for the rest of my life.

Nearly two years ago, I found myself sitting in the waiting room of Dr. Paul Austin for a follow-up adjustment when I saw a flier for East-West Wellness on his bulletin board. I inquired about Donna and where her office was located. He smiled and informed me that she was right down the hall. I called her immediately after my adjustment and so began my journey to better health. Our initial meetings were long, and she asked a lot of questions about my previous health, but she always listened to me and my concerns. I was immediately drawn to her methods of practice. It seemed like a novel idea to use Western medicine to diagnose and Eastern medicine to treat. All the naturalists and homeopathic doctors used muscle testing. That’s not bad, but it was hard to grasp. I could not argue with the blood tests and the MRT results, they were visuals that Donna could share with me and it made sense. She was very methodical with the way she treated me and she always explained exactly why she was doing it and backed it up with test results. She was patient with me and she understood the difficulty of changing my lifestyle, she was stern but she sincerely cared.

I stepped on the scale last week and almost laughed at my weight, 193. I haven’t been this healthy in years. I saw my best friend from college last weekend, he had been there through the worst of it, and he had a big smile on his face. He said, ‘You look great man, I haven’t seen you like this in a long time, makes me happy” I smiled right back, ‘It makes me happy too, it’s taken a while to get here but it was well worth it.’

I have been off of all pharmaceutical drugs for over 6 years now and my weight is constant. I no longer feel like I am a hostage to this condition. I live my life and I love my life and I have Donna to thank for that. Over the last two years we have come very close to answering the big question, what is causing the inflammation? I understand what I should and should not be eating now and I know what signs to look for in order to prevent a flare-up. I understand the supplements that I am taking and most importantly I understand why I am taking them. I feel stronger I have more energy and most of all I have hope that someday I won’t have to struggle with this.” Andrew, 29


Food Sensitivities

“I came to see Donna in 2008. I needed help after a serious illness which caused chronic digestion and nutrition problems. Through diet, supplements, and acupuncture, I was able to regain my health. She discovered I was gluten and dairy intolerant and taught me how to manage my new diet and created recipes for me. I even overcame my extreme dislike of vegetables! When dietary changes weren’t enough, she added some supplements. My energy and strength also increased with acupuncture treatments. Six years later, I still come to her for advice. What does Donna do for me? It is pretty simple: she keeps me healthy!” Nancy, 60

“I had the opportunity to work with Donna at East-West Wellness for this past 2017/18 year.  Donna took on the challenge of “fixing” a stomach issue that had been plaguing my life for 8 years; extreme bloating and discomfort no matter what food I ate. I had been to traditional doctors as well as a naturalist – no one could figure out what was wrong. Donna’s questions and eventual diet program were thoughtful, easy to follow, and right on track to finding a solution. Which she did! Donna figured out that I had food allergies that had been left undiagnosed and untreated. Now I am eating and exercising and enjoying life again. My diet is restricted but it is worth it. I can’t thank Donna enough – her thoughtful care has given me back my life.” Ally, 47




“I would highly recommend the total health care approach offered by Donna Sigmond of East-West Wellness. My experience was one in which a detailed explanation of the treatment was given beforehand with a very thorough accounting throughout the process of the methods and experience I could expect. In working with Donna, I achieved my desired goals to completely eradicate my smoking habit with no adverse effects. Almost two years later, I am completely free of my addiction.” Joseph, 53

“I had the opportunity to work with Donna at East-West Wellness for this past 2017/18 year.  Donna took on the challenge of “fixing” a stomach issue that had been plaguing my life for 8 years; extreme bloating and discomfort no matter what food I ate. I had been to traditional doctors as well as a naturalist – no one could figure out what was wrong. Donna’s questions and eventual diet program were thoughtful, easy to follow, and right on track to finding a solution. Which she did! Donna figured out that I had food allergies that had been left undiagnosed and untreated. Now I am eating and exercising and enjoying life again. My diet is restricted but it is worth it. I can’t thank Donna enough – her thoughtful care has given me back my life.” Ally, 47


Mood Disorders

“My wellness journey has been a life-long one.  The REAL GAME CHANGER for me occurred five years ago when I became a patient of Donna Sigmond.

I have led a life (given my age, a long one indeed) like most of you; having a busy career, working long hours, going to school, community and political volunteering, and raising a family. I would pride myself, where there was a breather, to deepen my nutrition and exercise knowledge, reading countless health and weight loss magazines, books, and so on and so on!  Don’t forget the hook and lure of our beloved health food stores we rush to so we get the magic supplement(s) once well-read we be…right!

Now in all of that rush to best health, it was not true; at least for me. I continued to deal with high energy intertwined with great anxiety.  My other challenge would be fluctuating weight gain, inflammation, and an overall dissatisfaction with the way my faltering goal sets were toward radiant health I have sought to achieve.

Donna is a very dedicated individual to wellness and wellbeing-ness. This includes diet, nutrition, healing modalities of Acupuncture, and CORRECT supplementation each person needs toward health, wellness, and sustaining life. What I admire, respect and love about Donna is that she is smart; very smart. Her background in chemistry and biology along with intensive study and work in nutrition are so congruent and complimentary to the facets and operation of our body. She is SUCCESSFULLY able to synthesize, correlate and created a specific individualized plan for you to successfully accomplish what you desire from a health and wellness perspective.

Because of my work with Donna I have finally come to a calm state of being and that is paramount for me!  When I finally reached this state of calm and better energy levels I wanted to address weight loss. In 2019 Donna developed a plan for weight loss and with her coaching and keen eye to detail and weekly to bi-weekly nutrition consults, I lost 48 pounds in a little over three months.  I am happy, my body far more flexible and have a sense of self-esteem regained thanks to her. I love that!!!!! Donna is a great coach but you must do the work.  She has an unending desire to help, and her suggestions are spot on.  Commit to engage and to do the work that is mapped out for your health and wellness desires. Stay the course, stay true to yourself and what you truly want…..FOR YOU; YOUR BEST SELF.  She’s got your back!

Do not wait any longer to address any health concerns and wellness issues you have. You have come to the right place and to the right person.  Search no more. You are home.

Last but not least Donna Sigmond, thank you with all my heart for all you have done in charting this wonderful life learning path to that which I so seek: happiness, health, and joy.” Donna, 68


Weight Loss

“When I first met with Donna, I was in need of answers in regards to nutrition and health. I had tried so many different nutrition plans and diets and although I had changed many things over the past 2 years, I wasn’t finding the right mix for my body.

I love that Donna uses a personal, integrative approach that is all about me and what’s right for me. I had struggled with weight loss my whole life, and although I ate fairly healthy, truthfully there were plenty of ‘bad’ foods in there on a regular basis, foods my body did not thrive on at all. Donna helped me realize what a balanced meal and proper portion sizes looked like. She also helped me with nutritional supplements that helped my immune system function at a healthy level. While working on my food and portion sizes, I also worked on my mental state, something I had never dealt with before when losing weight. This was not a short fix; this was a long-time lifestyle change I was making.  Like I said before, I had a lot of healthy key ingredients in my life, like working out 5-7 days a week and eating fairly healthy and mostly organic, but I needed things tweaked for me, and I needed to learn control and portion size.

Donna has changed my life.  I dropped 30 lbs. in 3 months, and I am maintaining. I am eating healthier than I ever have. I am eating a wider variety of foods, and I’m loving my meals and my life. My kids have also gotten more involved with cooking and even eat brussel sprouts with my new healthy way of cooking.  My life and their lives have forever been changed and I am incredibly grateful.

People tell me I glow, and I do, because I feel fantastic and healthier than I ever have and because I am nourishing myself inside and out. Don’t wait. Nourish yourself with Donna’s amazing expertise on your health, diet, and well-being.” K.M., 40

“I came to East-West Wellness after a lifetime of searching for answers to many questions about my health. I weighed 267 lb. and was an emotional roller coaster. I worked out daily, did yoga and ate a healthy diet, or so I thought. Donna at EWW educated me and herself on my many problems. One by one she focused on blood sugar, gluten sensitivity/celiac, weight, hormone imbalance, and nutrition. Learning how to keep my blood sugar in balance and how to eat healthy for myself by not eating gluten and products with gluten in them. I am now 180 lbs and losing daily. I don’t have mood swings and hot flashes any longer. I have learned to understand what eating healthy means for me and my unique metabolism. I feel better every day. Thanks to Donna at EWW I will continue to eat healthy for me, lose weight and enjoy my new way of life. I will never return to eating the way I did in the past because I did not feel good. This is a change in my lifestyle and a much better one for me. Eating healthy, exercising and yoga continue to keep me focused and balanced. I feel much better, happier and healthier. Donna has opened a new way of life for me and my daughters (who also see Donna). My daughters and I are forever grateful. Thank you!” Judy, 56



“I have been going to see Donna Sigmond for acupuncture for the past 2 ½ months and my results have dramatically changed my quality of life for the better. To give a little back story on myself, I am a 45-year-old male and had an Ischemic Stroke on December 12, 2013. I had lost right side function of my body and have aphasia after onset of stroke, as well as some short-term memory loss. After my stroke, I had to learn to speak and walk again, which has been a slow process, but with Donna’s help I have been able to gain clarity, hold conversations with little to no pause in speech and gain back almost all of my right side range of motion, as well as partial feeling which would have otherwise been completely gone. Acupuncture was a relatively new idea to me prior to stroke and nothing that I had personally taken part in. I am so grateful to Donna Sigmond and the team at East West Wellness. Being a patient of hers has been a life-changing experience for me and I own so much to Donna for greatly enhancing my quality of life post-stroke.” Tommy P.


High Cholesterol

“I have been running marathons since 1981, triathlons since 1986, and endurance races like Eco-Challenge and 100-mile trail runs since 1998. My resting pulse and heart are notably strong, and my health has been magnificent for years…except for a high cholesterol problem which was diagnosed as primarily hereditary a few years back. I was prescribed medication, but stopped taking that after feeling certain side effects. My cholesterol level continued to hover in the worrisome range of 260-265 until I met Donna Sigmond, while being a patient in a study at the University of Colorado. Donna did a nutritional analysis of my eating habits, and suggested some very specific dietary changes to help lower my cholesterol. It worked! By increasing my fiber intake, adding Omega-3 fish oil, and watching a few items I like a bit more closely, my cholesterol level went below 200 without any prescriptions or other major changes. In addition, this drop in cholesterol happened within one month. As such, I can honestly and credibly attest to Donna’s knowledge of nutrition, the effects of certain food groups, and her understanding of diet as it relates to one’s health.” Barry


Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) & Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)

“The past year and a half has been a stressful time for me and this resulted in a whole host of medical problems of which IBS and GERD were the most prominent. Because I did not want to go down the path of muscle relaxants and proton pump inhibitors, I sought a different method of treatment.

When I began my treatments, I was extremely depressed about my medical conditions especially the IBS. There was no way that I could ‘get rid’ of the stress in my life and this made me feel rather hopeless. However, with each successive treatment and the addition of Chinese herbs, I began to notice a difference. The bloating and frequency of bowel movements significantly improved along with the GERD. This, in turn, improved my depression. Now as I am near the end of my treatment plan, I am free of symptoms and I feel more like my former self. Although the stress levels have not decreased significantly for me, my body and mind are now stronger and better able to handle stress. It amazes me how much improvement I have experienced in the past several months.

Thank you for your dedication and determination to improving my overall health and for the time you took to educate me.” Mary



Four Angels Came a’Calling

‘Twas a day in September, and all through my ear
It was a day I’ll remember for reason quite clear
For up on the rooftop there may lay many shingles
But the one in my right ear, with acute pain it tingles
And with a brisk quickness, there came many more
In my eyelids, my forehead, the telltale blisters so sore
My jaw, my gums, and my teeth, oh how they did ache
It was then I would realize, for there could be no mistake
The annoying sensations felt like the sharp spurs of a thistle
My nerves were quite restless and my eyes were now mistful
The illness that has plagued me for many years now
Had sadly returned to torment me again somehow
Then to my debilitating sense should appear
But 4 Glorious Angels with a special message to hear
MORRY and KARY made an offer to fund treatments of hope
For KAELY’s employer had a few options for helping me cope
Adept DONNA acupunctured me with needles- precisely placed
Her wisdom and pain-relieving powers I most gladly embraced
Natural herbal medicines also accelerated my healing
Mere words can’t portray the gratefulness I’m feeling
As we delve in deeper and research my recurring virus for causes
I am hopeful for a remedy and my sincerely thankful heart pauses
For my angels of mercy- Brother, Sister, Niece, and New Friend
My jubilant wishes for blessings, harmony, and peace I shall!!!
And I heard them exclaim as my latest shingles rashes dashed away,
“No more pain shall we cause thee hopefully forever and a day!” V.F, 55


Physical Therapy

“I was surprised when Lisa first suggested my progressive lenses may be a factor in some of the physical issues I was experiencing. She explained how progressive lenses have a small sweet spot of vision causing your eyes to stop moving independently or your head – sort of locking up your whole flow of movement in your body.

My first experience was with my sunglasses which had distance lenses. I remember when I first put them on how crisp and wide my vision was – so different from my progressive lenses. I started wearing my sunglasses when I walked. I typically had back and SI joint discomfort when I walked, but with the sunglasses, I walked without that discomfort. I decided switching to a bi-focal was worth a try.

After I switched to bi-focal lenses, I was again impressed with my visual acuity. After I switched, I happened to be on vacation and ended up walking 5-10 miles every day with no back discomfort. I have to say that in general, my brain/head just feels less hemmed in, more expansive. My physical problems haven’t magically disappeared, but I do feel I’m well on my way to being better and being capable of doing the things I want to do.

I truly feel the lenses have played an important role in how I’m feeling – something I would never have considered without Lisa’s guidance.”


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