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Are You Getting The Nutrients You Need?

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Many people work at improving their health, yet some individuals still have deficiencies.  Why?  There are many possibilities as to why someone is nutritionally deficient.  Micronutrient requirements are not the same for everyone.  We are all unique.  Absorption differences, prescription medications, chronic illness, aging and lifestyle are all possible reasons why a person can be deficient.

The Comprehensive Nutritional Panel by Spectracell measures the blood for an array of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, and markers for fatty acids, metabolites and carbohydrate metabolism.  This panel provides important baseline test to identify deficiencies.

Typically when you get a blood draw to check for B12 the test is looking at the red blood cell (RBC) which has a 3 day life cycle.  This micronutrient panel looks at the lymphocyte which has a 6 month life cycle.  This information provides us with the nutritional status over the last 6 months and not just what it is in the last 3 days. Which helps us get a good long term picture and not just an immediate snapshot.

Other information that testing provides:

  • Measures the end point of DNA synthesis
  • Measures how micronutrient and antioxidants are functioning within the white blood cells
  • Reflects total metabolic function rather than isolated biochemical pathways
  • Demonstrates the intracellular function of micronutrients simultaneously
  • Allows us the ability to tailor treatment plans to each individuals specific requirements rather than to norms

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