Marilyn Gandolph PA-C, MPLC, RN, SANE

Marilyn Gandolph PA-C, RN has 38 years as a registered nurse and 28 years as a physician assistant. She has been practicing medicine in the Lafayette/Louisville area for the past 25 years. Over the past 7 years, she ran her own primary care medical office.


In addition to practicing family medicine/internal medicine, Marilyn has specialized training in medical aesthetics. Her background also includes Home Health nursing, Sexual Assault Examiner and Medical Legal Consulting.


Her philosophy is to treat the patient as a whole encompassing their physical, mental and emotional well-being. This comprehensive approach allows for the best-individualized care for each of her patients. She takes pride in giving her patients the time to be listened to so she can thoroughly understand their unique situation and create a specialized plan utilizing both eastern and western medicine to achieve the most favorable outcome. Her clientele ranges from the teenager to the senior citizen experiencing numerous interacting physical ailments. Marilyn’s joy comes from knowing she has made a difference in someone’s physical well-being and ultimately their life.


As part of her medical services she offers the standard western family medicine but in addition, offers bio-identical hormone replacement for both men and woman, food sensitivity screening, advanced cardiac testing, Carotid Ultrasound screening, micronutrient evaluation, screening for chemical toxins, as well as heavy metal and mold toxins. She also offers detoxification for those patients testing positive for toxins along with medical nutritional support Infrared sauna, IV infusions of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants as well as medical-grade supplements.


When Marilyn is not busy working, she enjoys camping, ATV-ing, reading, swimming, cooking, crafting and spending time with her beautiful grandchildren. She would consider it a privilege to be your primary care provider and promise you will receive the personalized treatment that is now missing in most family medicine settings.

Marilyn’s Hours of Availability

Mon-Thurs: 9am – 5pm


Please feel free to call Marilyn at 720-352-5965 to schedule an appointment.


Pricing For Primary Care



30 Minutes – $ 75

60 Minutes – $130


New Patient Consultation – $150


Complete Adult Physicals – $175

Ages 21 and up will include a standard lab panel of CBC, CMP, LIPIDS, Vitamin D, TSH, and an in-office Urine Dip and Stool screening if needed.

There will be an additional charge for a PAP to be sent to a lab. The price will be determined during the office visit.

A complete physical is for preventive care only. No other medical issues will be addressed, if required, an additional office appointment will need to be scheduled.


Phone Consultation  15 minutes – $50

Phone Consultation  30 minutes – $75



Serum Pregnancy Testing:  $25

Strep Testing:  $20

Hemosure Testing without a complete physical:  $25

Cerumen Removal (ear wax)  $50

Laceration Repair less than 2.5 cm  $85

Laceration Repair greater than 2.5 cm  $120

Incise and Drain Abscess  $120

Foreign Body Removal of Skin  $100

Lesion Destruction Single  $50

Lesion Destruction 2-14  $150

Lesion Biopsy one  $125

Lesion Biopsy Additional  $50

Diaphragm Fitting  $100

Removal of IUD  $100

Nebulizer Treatment in Office  $50


Skin Lesion Removal: Any skin lesion removed (other than a skin tag) needing pathology will have an additional lab charge. Actual pricing will be determined before the procedure is completed due to the cost varying by size and by which lab is utilized.



Bio-Identical Hormones – price varies and will be determined at the time of office visit.


Additional Tests Offered: Food Sensitivity, Micronutrients, Toxins, Mold, and Heavy Metals testing. Specific tests and pricing to be determined at the time of office visit.


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