Jon King, Rolfer, Polarity Therapist, Life Coach

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Jon is a certified Rolfer, Polarity Therapist and Life Coach.

Rolfing is a systematic method of manipulating the body’s connective tissues in order to relieve pain, discomfort, stress, and patterns of physical misalignment. Rolfing focuses on different parts of the body, using breath work and deep pressure to restore alignment, improve movement and posture, decrease stress, and increase overall well-being. Each rolfing session builds on the previous, allowing practitioners to fully address problematic patterns.

Polarity Therapy is the art and science of stimulating and balancing the flow of life energy within the human being. The term Polarity relates to one of the fundamental laws of nature, namely the attraction and union of opposites through a balanced middle point. To maintain good health the life energy must flow freely and easily through the entire body. There should be no areas of excess or depletion. The complete energy system must be balanced however and the balance looked for is not a static one but rather a dynamic uninterrupted cyclic flow of energy.

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