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Gutme! Study

The Qina Team is looking for 40 healthy women who are experiencing bloating, stomach cramps, or irregular bowel habits to participate in a completely online 10-week trial.

Why we are doing the Gutme! study: Digestive disorders are common as you know, and IBS-like symptoms can have a debilitating impact on daily life. Our qualitative research found that RD’s are using collagen peptides as part of a treatment option to manage symptoms. We would like to find out if taking a collagen supplement together with regular journaling reduces gut symptoms in healthy women in a study environment.

The study: For two weeks, participants will keep a food, mood, activity, stool, and symptom diary using the very trendy Cara care app. This app is specifically designed for individuals with digestive issues to help them connect the dots between their dietary intake, lifestyle, mood, and symptoms. Following this initial 14-day period, participants will start taking a collagen peptide supplement in addition to tracking as per the start. Participants will receive daily educational messages via text as well as feedback on their tracking data provided by a registered dietitian in the middle and at the end of the study. We will be using the MSQ to check for a change in their score at the beginning and end of the study as recommended by you!. The entire study will be conducted on a HIPAA compliant platform where the data privacy of participants is a priority. The study has received ethics approval, and we are now recruiting for participants.

Who is eligible?: Healthy women aged between 35-65, Based in the US, Fluent in English, Not currently using any approach to manage their gut symptoms, non-vegetarians


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